What is Utopia?

Utopia has a negative connotation from centuries of false promises and shattered ideals of how the world should be. We are no where close to utopia. So we’ve kind of given up on using this concept to shape our life and work, simply letting ourselves feel that progress as defined as being faster, more accurate,…
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The Act of Giving Attention

When we giving attention to someone, we are offering them a gift — a gift to help them see themselves from a new, refreshing vantage point. This vantage point we provide necessarily can give them the opportunity to appreciate their own actions, words, or expressions in a new light, as well as hopefully provide a…
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Starting Again

After branching off for the last year on a variety of satellite projects, Perspective Mapper is coming back! We can call it version 2, or version 15…however we want to look at it…for what I consider my work of cultivating a deeper perspective of who we fundamentally are. You can find the earlier version of…
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(Older Blogs)

Prior to this date, you’ll find blogs I’ve migrated from and written for other related projects I’ve worked on. I’ve refreshed the content with new contact information and details as I deemed fit. Ranjeeth ThungaPerspective Mapperrkt@perspectivemapper.org