Make no mistake this work is inner work, founded on fleshing out and processing the shared trauma within us. The work has us feel through each other’s experiences as our own, while staying anchored to our own core.

While a simple concept, the work of perspectives is a brutal challenge emotionally and spiritually. It requires our 110% commitment to feel from a broader point-of-view, letting go of our assumptions and projections in the process.

The work requires us to gradually disperse each knee-jerk reaction, each impulse to change an uncomfortable subject, each discrediting of another’s experience, and each assumption of our experience being in any way superior or inferior.

Not easy. But, there’s no other way. Only through finding Common Truth can we truly reconcile conflict.

The salvation of our human species rests in our ability to accept and process what each other is experiencing.

I believe no one on this planet, including myself, can claim mastery of this process. But we can do our best and help each other by connecting to each other on a felt level.

Ranjeeth Thunga