The work involves dialog + meditation.

This work involves four components:

  1. Gather diverse experiences of conflict and shared trauma.
  2. Remaining centered, without judgment, allow ourselves to feel what arises, however uncomfortable.
  3. Allow our perspective to shift in accordance with what we feel within.
  4. Carry this sensitivity to inform how we relate to each other.

Inner (vs. Outer) Work

This work is inner work. It is to feel empathy for each other as human beings, especially those we consider enemies.

“Love Your Enemies.”

Jesus Christ, Matthew 5:44

While a simple concept, the work of perspectives is a brutal challenge emotionally and spiritually.

The work requires us to watch every knee-jerk reaction, every impulse to change the subject in dialog, every judgment of another’s points-of-view, and every assumption of our path being superior to another…from within our own feelings.

Intricate frameworks can help us bring to the surface our conflicts, sure. But the salvation of our human species rests in our ability to process shared suffering from within our own feelings.

I believe practically no one on this planet, including myself, can claim mastery of this process. But we can do our best, and help each other by more and more connecting with each other’s emotional experience.

Ranjeeth Thunga