What Makes a Perspective Toxic?

As I grow, I’ve become more sensitive to toxic perspectives. What defines a toxic perspective?

  1. Objectification of a person, place, or thing.
  2. Considering others as fundamentally different from us.

Simply put, recognizing toxicity involves engaging the Golden Rule.

How do toxic perspectives represent themselves in your life?

  • Do you see others as inferior or superior in worth?
  • Do you see one’s social standing as real?
  • Do you pursue money, status, fame, or power as the highest priority?
  • Do you demean or criticize those who see things differently?

Of course, there are so many more…but they all center around a recognition of the Golden Rule.

When we start to discern perspectives that are toxic, we realize there is so much toxicity around us…and in us. So much so that we might not even be able to recognize what is and isn’t. However, as we start to put a finger on what is wholesome, through what I feel is a meditation process tuning into the Higher Truth, our eye of discernment gets sharper…and life starts to evolve out of the toxicity into health.


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