We’ve transcended our sense of separation and enmity with each other, especially those with perspectives that conflict with our own.


Help develop and promote a means of processing human conflict from within, within each human being.


Bring out the perspectives of those who have experienced war, violence, marginalization, and oppression — on all sides, from all angles, in all forms.

Express this process through articles, maps, workshops, project maps, and on-the-ground interactions with people of conflicting perspectives.


Violence can be physical, emotional, economic, legal, and spiritual — but it’s violence all the same. Through this process, allow a shared Truth to shine forth from within us.


The premise of this work is that we all share the same Consciousness. Thus, pain and suffering inflicted on another is a reflection of the pain and suffering within us.

Transformation on this planet comes as we’re able to empathize with the feelings of one another, processing collective trauma within, realizing we’re all in this together, whatever side of the legal, party, corporate, or battle lines we’re on.

Also, transformation has to happen with a full willingness by every party. No one is disenfranchised in the process, including those voices many would consider perpetrator or oppressor. The full 360 is essential.