Our shared trauma is processed by all of us, and our shared Consciousness is realized by all of us. The feeling of separation between us and outsider, collateral, or enemy is transcended.


Play our part in disentangling some of our world’s most stubborn conflicts and helping reformulate or provide alternatives to some of our most entrenched oppressive institutions.


Bring out the perspectives of those who have experience of war, violence, marginalization and oppression, on all sides, from all angles, in all forms.

Articles, maps, workshops, collective project map, and on-the-ground interaction with people of conflicting perspectives.


Violence can be physical, emotional, economic, legal and spiritual — but its violence all the same. Through this process, allow a shared Truth to shine forth from within us.


The premise of this work is that we all share the same Consciousness. Thus, pain and suffering inflicted on another is the same pain and suffering within us.

Transformation on this planet comes about as we’re able to fully empathize with one another, processing collective trauma within, realizing we’re all in this together, whatever side of the legal, party, corporate or battle lines we’re on.