The Bigger Picture of Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis, by and large, primarily has been used in the last few years as a means for companies to better understand, respond to, and target the needs of their customers and potential customers. And…that is fine. Helping a company link with its support base is how business works, and how our economy thrives.

That’ said, let’s take a step back and look at a bigger picture of what sentiment analysis data can provide. Swallowing a bigger picture compels us to consider what all this data of human sentiment, now at our disposal, teaches us about ourselves in a way that can help us move past blocks we’ve been trapped by from the beginning of human history.

What patterns of behavior do we find ourselves, as a collective, continuously reacting away and towards? What emotional traps do we continuously find ourselves bound up by, time and time again? Where does ignorance and marginalization reside (or hide) in our society..and how does that affect our decision making? What attitudes and principles in life work more effectively, and less effectively, in bringing us longer lasting happiness…and why?

By being able to see higher level patterns in human behavior, we can step out of the cycles of conflict, ignorance, and immaturity that we’ve always been plagued with. Getting a clearer answer to these questions allows us to transcend our human fallacies — fallacies that currently put the entire world at risk of self-annihilation.

These are certainly some of the most important questions we will start to answer in the coming years.

Ranjeeth Thunga


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