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The Bigger Picture of Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis, by and large, primarily has been used in the last few years as a means for companies to better understand, respond to, and target the needs of their customers and potential customers.¬†And…that is fine. Helping a company link with its support base is how business works, and how our economy thrives. That’ said,…
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Perspective Meditation

(based on earlier page published on primemeditation.com in 2011) Many who meditate often see through some suffering, as well as achieve some level of wisdom, through their practice. However, the same people might find meditation to be overly demanding, ineffective, vague, difficult to apply, easy to neglect, misleading, stagnant, or dogmatic. Also, something often feels…
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POV type: Corporate Perspective

This is the formal perspective of the corporation, entity, or organization that one belongs to or interacts with. There might be several layers within this, most often broken up into a team perspective, departmental perspective, and top level organizational perspective. The corporate perspective is generally contained within the company’s formal documents, and are for all…
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