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The Bigger Picture of Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis, by and large, primarily has been used in the last few years as a means for companies to better understand, respond to, and target the needs of their customers and potential customers.¬†And…that is fine. Helping a company link with its support base is how business works, and how our economy thrives. That’ said,…
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Maligned Perspectives and Maturity

A ‘maligned perspective’ is one that is distorted by another perspective. Both the sense of, and act of, malignment is a pervasive source of confusion, unhealthy conflict, and human suffering. It finds itself in all spheres of our communication, from the day to day relationships between our friends and family, to the sphere of national…
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Constant and Neverending Maturity

There’s a famous self-help principle called ‘Constant and Neverending Improvement’. I think it’s a great ideal, though for the purpose of meditation, I like to tweak it and say ‘Constant and Neverending Maturity’ is what we’re looking for. Ok, so what’s the difference? Well, maturity, ultimately, is the consummate fulfillment of our life experience. It…
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