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Sitting Still and Meditation

I’ve reflected on a precise way of identifying the optimum level of ‘sitting still’ in meditation. Two initial points: First, ‘sitting still’ is not synonymous with ‘meditation’. Sitting still is simply an activity thought to be conducive to a meditative state. Second, ‘meditation’ is not separate from life itself. Thus, meditation is by this definition…
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Inner vs. Outer Conflict

Ultimately, those of us on a path of self-inquiry come to the realization that the conflict in the world is a representation of the conflict within ourselves. Our ability to listen to, incorporate, and relate to various facets of our own psyche manifests in our ability to listen to, incorporate, and relate to the perspectives…
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Perspective Meditation

(based on earlier page published on primemeditation.com in 2011) Many who meditate often see through some suffering, as well as achieve some level of wisdom, through their practice. However, the same people might find meditation to be overly demanding, ineffective, vague, difficult to apply, easy to neglect, misleading, stagnant, or dogmatic. Also, something often feels…
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