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Curiosity and Human Relationship

Curiosity is an essential quality in personal and collective transformation. It is our primal drive to inquire and explore truth that allows us to connect with our fellow human beings as human beings. However, I’ve found over the years a huge gulf between two types of curiosity — the first is simply a curiosity in getting to…
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Shallow Reform vs. Deep Reform

I’ve recently come off the end of a watchdog movement of a major institution, and have learned many lessons on the reality of power, and the oppression of marginalized perspectives. One such lesson is the distinction between shallow and deep reform. Shallow reform matches the reform zeitgeist without challenging power structure. It is in line with…
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Core movement

Our ‘core movement’ is the inner impulse in us that epitomizes confidence, clarity, and direction. It is more solid than any fixed ideal, concept, value, goal, or measure, yet there is no way to externally validate it. Some people might call this ‘intuition’, but ‘core movement’ is differentiated from intuition by being tangibly and viscerally…
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