Standing in our Enemy’s Shoes, in War

I am very fortunate to be born in a free country — a land with much free expression, dialog, and belief. As a Perspective Mapper, my job is to help us understand different points-of-views..or at least make space for different points-of-view.

So as it relates to war….

What would it be like to have been born in our enemy’s land? To be on the opposite side of our military conflict?

To be the one who would have been our bombs and missiles descending upon us? To have Shock and Awe campaign against us? To have War on Terror against us? To have our lives and family’s safety affected by the force of what would otherwise be our own offensive?

How would that change our perspective of war?

Regardless of our political or military perspective, it really is an important — nay essential — question each of us asks ourselves, whatever our support is of military action in any given situation.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Mapper


  1. Hari

    Hello Ranjeeth,

    That is truly provoking insights any nation aspiring peace in bilateral relations to avoid cross border terrorism further triggering hatred, trauma, uncertain living conditions, persecution, poor economic growth, debt driven etc should invoke and strengthen its foreign policy to deal sensitive issues with tact and diplomacy.

  2. Ranjeeth Thunga (Post author)

    This is very true. We are blinded by our hate or desire for vengeance to the degree we are unable to wish for the health and well-being of our enemy’s…doing so would inevitably provide better outcomes.

    Some would say that such an approach is weak. But we much better show our strength through our own self-sacrifices, not in the our “sacrificing” of innocent lives on the other side.


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