About Me

You can visit ranjeeththunga.com to learn more about me and my work.

Site History

I’ve been exploring conflicting human perspectives in-depth over the last 20 years. Much of this work has been on the level of Consciousness. This has involved meditation, self-reflection, reading, dialog and journaling.

I have maintained an external portal to some of my work through various projects over the years including some of the following projects:

  • Internal Depth
  • Perspective Base
  • Perspective Link
  • Liazzone / LiaisonOps
  • Offer Myself
  • Open Konnect
  • Our Final Days
  • Integral Debate
  • Relationships 2020
  • My Web Skills
  • Gigaversity
  • Dust Mapper
  • Prime Meditation
  • Integral Math
  • Integral Debate