Perspective Meditation

(based on earlier page published on in 2011)

Many who meditate often see through some suffering, as well as achieve some level of wisdom, through their practice.

However, the same people might find meditation to be overly demanding, ineffective, vague, difficult to apply, easy to neglect, misleading, stagnant, or dogmatic. Also, something often feels unnatural or off with their practice. Finally, and most importantly, many feel that their practice puts them at odds with others, with no net increase in their ability to empathize with humanity.

What I hope to do is help outline an approach to meditation that separates the wheat from the chaff, integrating all we know about meditation, from a variety of traditions, experiences, technologies and research, into a clear, comprehensive, modern set of principles that help us relate to humanity, and the universe, as it exists.

Though I am hesitant to package these discoveries as a label, I feel it is necessary to distinguish what I’m sharing on this site from meditation practices in various schools, none of which I could recommend as they are, on their own. Thus, I am calling the principles I share here is “perspective meditation“, or “PM Meditation

Ultimately, I feel a solid understanding of true meditation goes hand in hand with the appreciation of multiple, simultaneous, higher order perspectives in our world.

Ranjeeth Thunga

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