Owning Our “Ugly” Face

I was watching my daily dose of self-enrichment videos when YouTube’s (brilliant) search algorithm popped this video up. I exceeded my quota for the morning, but I was curious about the person in the video and what he looked like… and I can say, I’m now inspired to write my next blog post on this topic.

Robert talks about his life journey from not fitting in, to owning his decision and responsibility and own who we was, to truly cherishing the qualities his unique look brings to the table.

What people want to consider as disfigured, he’s demonstrated can actually be beauty. When we own the ugly, it becomes beauty. The deeper the apparent ugliness, the stronger our beauty when owned.

This applies to physical features, but also to how we dress, how we speak, how we move, what we’ve fought through, what we’ve overcome, and what value we offer. Every facet of our being, when disowned is ugly, when owned, is beautiful, and when truly owned, we see a path forward

I can relate in my life. Many of my closest family and associates have deemed me too ‘ugly’. No necessarily physically, but in other ways. But the sadness for them is not realizing what’s within. They’re really missing out.

When this occurs, we don’t have to hate those who disown us (which a lot of people resort to). We’re no better and we’ve all done the same in other contexts.

But we do have to inject enough space between us and those who don’t see the beauty of our face… that is part of love. Love and space go hand-in-hand. In fact, one might say the definition of love could be space…but that’s another article at another time. 🙂

But however painful, it isn’t about others, even those closest to us. It’s about us owning who we are for ourselves.

I see each one of our lives as a very beautiful unfolding…so long as we can buck society’s projected ideals and standards…and stay the course. We gotta stay the course till we truly owned the beauty within us. Our Inner Voice compels this, and we musn’t lose sight. I feel blessed to have a process of meditation which helps me tune into Inner Voice within and helps me each day, giving me just enough light to make to the next step. I’ve had lots of setbacks, but I’ve also had this wonderful gift.

If you feel the world sees you as ugly, then you by design have value to offer, simply by owning our ugliness. This will help shake people out of the their biases and prejudices and value systems.

Now the video doesn’t get into the process of how to own our face, but it does show us a beautiful soul going through the process of doing so. “Ugliness” it’s not a strike against us, but a mark of value for us, and the gifts we have on this planet — to shake up the notions of what is essential to value on this planet — to bring to the table who we are.

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Ranjeeth Thunga

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