Meditation and Calm Appearance — Unrelated

kali terrifying goddess

This is a myth I’ve touched on a couple of times before, but I am compelled to touch on again — the notion that meditation and our appearance of calm are linked.

There is this image that meditators are calm in word, demeanor, action, presence and so forth. While a meditator might naturally have all of these qualities, or explore these qualities along the way, the explicit quality has little if anything to do with true meditation itself, unless of course a calm demeanor is an image a meditator might be playing into.

I think Hindu deity depictions are great. You got both gentle and terrifying versions of deities, signifying the full range of expressions of the divine. Though worshipers pray to both the violent and serene forms, many fail to make the connection that spiritual maturity involves far more than simply appearing calm, gentle and harmonious at all times.

Note: As before, there are multiple definitions of the word ‘calm’. I’m not referring to transcendent ‘inner calm’. Here, I’m referring to any explicit visible quality that one might observe and typically judge as calm. If you look at the picture of Kali Ma for instance, you see pure rage, though her inner light might be pure equanimity.

Ranjeeth Thunga
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