Maligned Perspectives and Maturity

A ‘maligned perspective’ is one that is distorted by another perspective. Both the sense of, and act of, malignment is a pervasive source of confusion, unhealthy conflict, and human suffering. It finds itself in all spheres of our communication, from the day to day relationships between our friends and family, to the sphere of national and international political debate.

Like all perspectives, there are two mirror facets to what we can call a maligned perspective: the first is the sense that our perspective is being maligned, and the second is the action of maligning of another perspective.

That said, can a perspective be verifiably maligned? After all, all of us have a different point of view, and who is to do we draw the line between a maligned perspective and simply presenting an alternate perspective? The answer lies in maturity.

So let’s explore maturity. What is maturity? Maturity, as this project defines, is the ability to own our own perspective, while leaving space for another perspective. Thus, how can we determine if we are being maligned, or if we are maligning? We can do so by determining if we are not give, or not giving space, for the full expression of our perspective or another perspective.

By learning to mature out of maligned perspectives, we as a humanity can achieve far more fulfilling, enriching communication with each other.

Ranjeeth Thunga


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