Integrating Perspectives: A Worthy Challenge

The responsibility of integrating perspectives — ensuring that each perspective is accounted for in our heart and actions — is not for the faint of heart. It can sometimes be an arduous, grueling, and frustrating job, filled with confusion, paradox, and doubt. The responsibility involves self-reflecting on each and every decision we make, continuously and constantly.

If we do commit to ensuring the validity and proper place of a comprehensive set of perspectives, we should be ready to surrender a good chunk of (false) peace of mind and (false) confidence that we normally would have from restricting our visor only to what we see straight ahead of us.

That said, when we finally realize that contrasting perspectives click with each other, the reward for taking into multiple perspectives becomes clear. Continuous human conflict, misunderstanding, tension, and sabotage that comes from assuming others “just don’t get it” simply evaporates. When we can realize two even contradictory perspectives can coexist and inform one another, rather than necessarily argue over one another, much of the long standing frustration of existence simply vanishes. What lies beyond is the very salvation of humanity — a sense of deep peace, deep clarity that simply is leaps beyond the shallow temporary sense of calm of narrowing our focus.

Ranjeeth Thunga




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