In Conflict, Giving in is not Giving Up

I recently witnessed a conflict between two people — both person A and B exchanged harsh words with each other.

What happened, which is typical in conflict, is that both persons took the view that the other person was abrasive, and that is why they had to respond in-like. Sure, they are both right … but they both were not able to see their own contribution to the conflict.

To transcend conflict, and mature as a human species, one side HAS to give.

One reason we often don’t give is our ego holds on to the idea that we must stand up for itself. Another reason is the assumption that ‘giving’ is a weakness. Another reason is we fear that the other person will take advantage of the giving.

Yet, the reality is that giving is a STRENGTH, not a weakness — just ask Jesus Christ, who says “turn the other cheek.” — so long as we’re still ‘holding center’ while we give.

Giving, while holding center, intestinal fortitude, maturity, and resilience. It is the ability to see through a conflict, rather than get embroiled in it.

Giving is a sign of incredible strength. Giving is not giving up. Giving is love.

Ranjeeth Thunga



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