'Disillusionment' is Not a Bad Word

We¬†often¬†equate the word ‘disillusionment’ with negativity, depression, and suffering.¬†We tend to be afraid of this process as it means a certain chapter of our life has come to an end.¬†We might feel that something is wrong with us,¬†compounding the suffering even further. However,¬†I increasingly am realizing¬†disillusionment to be a¬†wonderful, natural experience, so long as¬†we learn…
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Feelings are the Cornerstone of Awareness (audio)

Feelings Are Central On the spiritual path, more than being aware of thoughts, words, actions, or behaviors of any kind, are feelings. Feelings — more precisely sensations — are the only facet of our awareness that are undisputable. Everything else is subject to interpretation, and misinterpretation, but feelings are what we feel..and there’s no question…
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The Way *OF* the Peaceful Warrior (review)

I finished listening to the audiobook “Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes Lives“. Thanks much Robb Zeno for this enjoyable, insightful¬†listen. I believe¬†the master¬†/ disciple paradigm and other particulars in the journey described are not necessarily features in¬†21st century spiritual paths¬†— nonetheless there’s still much joy and inspiration¬†be had in this warm…
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