Our Primary Work

Our mission is to play our part in helping unravel and reconcile the conflicting perspectives that lead to discord, violent conflict and war.

We do so through interviews, articles, research and maps shared on our site.

The Process

Our work involves the non-judgmental investigation into our collective mind. Through the process, we will unearth our ideals, honest motives and blind prejudices.

This forces us to come to stark terms with the ugly tendencies within each of us…as well as our inherent goodness that supersedes all of them.

For a Chosen Conflict

If you would like us to help investigate a particular human conflict, please get in touch. With your sponsorship, we can work together on a perspective analysis that maps out a 360 degree perspective, including means to transcend the conflict — and share the anonymous results on our site.

We welcome your resources, tools, financial support, and most importantly, goodwill.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Mapper