What is Utopia?

Utopia has a negative connotation from centuries of false promises and shattered ideals of how the world should be.

We are no where close to utopia.

So we’ve kind of given up on using this concept to shape our life and work, simply letting ourselves feel that progress as defined as being faster, more accurate, more productive, more efficient, and better skilled. — nothing more. Anything more, and we’re considered to be in la-la-land.

What about a world where we at least take the premise of utopia seriously?

Here’s a stream of consciousness brainstorm of ideals behind Perspective Mapper’s vision of the future. Do you resonate?

  • We encourage the best for one another.
  • Competition remains…but it remains as a matter of competing with oneself.
  • Our attainments never come at a cost of others, nor do they ever obscure others.
  • Recognition of our value and that of others will be so implicit in the fabric of our lives that we won’t need or seek awards, ranks, or position to feel our worth.
  • Each human being has healthy food, sufficient shelter, and adequate clothing,
  • Perhaps just as important — each human being is given the tools and empowerment to express their fullest potential through their vocation.
  • Everyone should work for themselves and each other…but everyone should work in doing what is their highest potential and value.
  • Every human being feels empowered, recognized, and loved, whatever their beliefs or world-view.
  • We help each other discover their true self.
  • Our natural environment, including our food, water, and air, and free of toxins, and encouragement of good mental, physical, and spiritual health.
  • We value self-realization over material attainments and experiences.
  • Material needs are accounted for through technology. We no longer need them to survive as a human, nor to validate our existence.
  • We seek to learn from, encourage remorse, forgive, and share with our enemies instead of trying to outdo them or beat them down.
  • We protect against and condemn hurtful and malicious actions done by any of us, but never condemn people.
  • We realize we are all One, and connected to One Source, whatever the distinctions of our individual belief systems.
  • And…most importantly as it relates to this work, we each have a clear inner process to shed false perceptions and deepen our perspective.

It’s tough because so many of the reward mechanisms in place have us distracted from self-awareness, pointing our attention on outdoing each others and relying on our fears and desires to point the way for us.

Do we realize we’ve been programmed to do so? Sure, through both nature and man, we have tons of programming within us that obscures our Highest Self from coming through. But certainly its not impossible..to the degree we are able to hold personal Truth and Love as ideals about all others.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Mapper

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