What Is Our Perspective?

What is our perspective?

This is a very difficult question for all of us. A question we might not ever considered. But I believe perhaps the most important question we can ask ourselves.

One might feel our perspective is a collection of data and stats about our attributes. How introverted are we? Are we Focused? Patient? Expressive? Empathetic? And to what degree? These are part of understanding..but a very limited, potentially misleading truth about our perspective.

On a deeper level, we might feel that our unique goals, objectives, passions and interests define our perspective. I used to feel this describes our perspective…but now feel they aren’t enough to really capture what our perspective really is.

So…what is our perspective?

Ultimately, I do have a a new, refreshed definition of our perspective. And that is this:

Our perspective is our relationship to our Deepest Self..and how this relationship shapes our life.

Who do we see ourselves to be? Is there an all-unifying Source, Truth or God behind the scenes? How do we connect to it? What is the significance of our life experience? How do we process the world?

These questions help unravel our perspective.

That’s what a perspective is. Our perspective is our relationship to the Highest Light we have within us..and how it expresses itself in the world around us. And that’s the purpose of this work — to help us find perspective.

We might touch on various attributes about ourselves, and we might touch on various qualities and characteristics of who we are and how we live, we might touch on the different ways we see the world and what we feel our goals or life mission is..but ultimately it’s our relationship to our Core, and what that relationship tells us about our life, moment to moment, that defines our perspective.

Please get in touch with us if we can help you find and define it.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Mapper

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