Whatever our particular views, we can agree that conflict between us threatens not just our life satisfaction, but the very survival of our species.

On a global level, despite the facade of safety we paint for ourselves, few can deny what a recent Nobel Peace Laureate portends — that we are simply “one tiny tantrum away from World War 3”.

In our day-to-day lives, we often experience deep conflict in the workplace, schools, and homes, among family, coworkers and friends alike. Misunderstanding, misinterpretation, misinformation, and impulsive judgments of each other can literally drain our life force.

On the level of ourselves, we experience confusion in dealing with contradictory, tangled emotions, goals, and habits.

Yet, despite the state we are in, we do have the resources, and the potential, more than ever, to see, and feel, a bigger picture for humanity — one that can transcend the conflict we are experiencing.


We hope that by 2035 we as a human species will have resolved the myriad of human conflicts that currently exist on our planet.

We hope military and police forces across the world can further transition into the role of preventing violence, rather than perpetuating it.

We hope that we will have learned to relate to each other with respect and without judgment, on an individual, group, and society level. We also hope we will each be squarely centered on the common Truth that connects us all.

In other words, we will have embodied the Golden Rule: realizing others as ourselves.


Our mission is to play our small role in helping reconcile conflict on this planet, disentangling some of the conflicts that exist within our collective mind.

We are doing so by sharing insights on this site’s blog, as well as through  campaigns we work on.

Through the process, we hope to unearth our honest motives, fears, desires, and guiding compass within us.

By meditating on these collected perspectives — by not succumbing to knee jerk judgments of each other — we will be able to cultivate a more comprehensive perspective of the collective mind..and uncover approaches for dealing with the long-standing conflicts we face as a human species.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Mapper


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