Our vision is that we have attained a Self-actualized, Self-realized world within our lifetime.

This is a world where each perspective on the planet is respected, taken into account, and integrated into a collective picture. Also, this is a world where we’ve shed any/all delusions of who we are.

Whether small or large, Perspective Mapper aims to play a role in achieving this process.

To achieve this vision requires us to be abundantly clear who we really are, and who each other really is.

On the surface, this clarity is on our goals, outlook, beliefs, and priorities. On a deeper level it’s clarity of our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Even deeper, it’s our relationship to perspectives that differ from our own. And on the deepest level it is intimate communion with who we are, as Soul, Spirit, or Truth itself.

We explore our collective journey of Self-Realization through the content and maps on this site, as well as through the services that we offer.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Mapper


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