Below are the values of our organization — how we conduct ourselves and carry out our work.

Work with Others

The motive is not to draw focus to this particular effort, but rather to the perspectives themselves. Thus, as much as possible, we hope to promote the efforts done throughout the globe to help bring a fuller, richer understanding of human perspectives to us all.

Beyond Metrics

Psychometrics and behavioral metrics have a place in self-understanding. They help us detect patterns within us that might be hidden from sight.

That said, they can also distort our understanding of ourselves and each other by having us perceive each other simply in terms of where we fall on a scale, rather than as living, breathing, feeling conscious beings.

Common Truth

There is a common Truth of what will unravel over the course of the work…and this Truth guides us.

Open-Source, Open-Standards

As the motivation of this work is greater awareness of who we really are, we try to do as much of it with open-source, open-standards platforms.


Perspective Mapper is a single-person led effort. However, we want to work with partners to grow alongside us and share common principles.

Anonymity Respected

We respect the privacy of everyone who is involved in this work and the perspective they share. Ultimately, we do believe our perspectives transcends our individuality.


This work continues until we really, truly, and thoroughly understand who we really are, at the very core and through every fiber of our being.


Maturity and integrity of our humanity is more important than the success of this particualr effort, or any particular effort.