The Myth of Laziness

The common argument is that people who don’t visibly match our idea of working hard are simply lazy. They are undeserving. However, after meeting thousands of both “hard-working” and “lazy people” over the course of my life, I’ve come to conclude that the conventional notion of laziness is by-and-large a myth.

Once I get to know people a bit more deeply, the initial image of them dissipates and it’s clear our concept of laziness is quite off.

What do you mean? Certainly, we see people bumming around, wasting their time by smoking, drinking, surfing the web, and partying. It’s clear they don’t want to put in the effort, right?

Simply give yourself space to talk to some of them, getting to know their inner experiences more deeply. Some positive, some negative, but you might find a profound reason behind it.

  • Might they actually be very sensitive individuals?
  • Are they tackling fear? anxiety? worry? delusions?
  • Society simply needs to catch up to how they operate?
  • Do they have a conscientious difference with the opportunities they have?
  • Are they perhaps too compassionate and empathetic?
  • Are they working behind-the-scenes in a way you aren’t aware of?

There are many reasons people appear to be lazy…and very few of them have to do with laziness as we imagine it to be.

Each one of us, I do believe, has a fire that compels us to express something profound during the course of our life. It may ultimately be visible or invisible, but it’s there within us. Next time we see someone we might think is lazy, consider that our judgment might be quite insufficient.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Mapper

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