Love and Forgiveness

Love is not the core value of just this work, but we feel for life itself. Love is a commitment to tune-in to the True Self in each other. And, it goes hand-in-hand with forgiveness, which is the ability to look past a person’s limitations to see their actual potential at all times.

Own our Perspective

What is our perspective? Whatever that is, work with it and honor it. Never cede it out of pressure to appease an authority or to fit into a community. Within your own heart, work with what you uniquely see, think, and feel. Yes, in certain contexts, we might need to keep it under wraps. But we should never obscure it from ourselves in the process.

Honor other Perspectives

We honor diverse points-of-view, so long as these views respect our humanity. Not that each point-of-view is mature and not that we have to agree with others. Far from it. Rather, by honoring diverse perspective, we can help map them into their proper place, as well as experience Truth from new vantage points.

Shed Our False Perceptions

Our perspective is constantly being refined. Each experience and each moment provides us the opportunity to see past our impulsive reactions, prejudices, and false perspectives. Let each one do so.

Express our Insight

Our perspectives yearn to be expressed as we evolve. Through our sharing, we grow in the process, we allow others to learn from our experience, and we fulfill our responsibility as a human being on the planet.