Site History

I have had various iterations of this work since 2001, with this latest reboot in 2020. However, I’ve been working on the topic of human perspectives over the last 20 years.

I’ve migrated a lot of the content from several projects I worked on in the past year and a half onto this site.

The recent projects I’ve integrated into this site are

  • Internal Depth
  • Perspective Base
  • Perspective Link
  • Liazzone / LiaisonOps
  • Offer Myself
  • Open Konnect
  • Our Final Days
  • Relationships 2020

Before this site, I had a previous iteration of this work which I might also integrate with this site (though currently not yet. You can access the original Perspective Mapper site at:

Some earlier projects that I’ve folded into the older version of Perspective Mapper include:

  • Gigaversity
  • Dust Mapper
  • Prime Meditation
  • Integral Math
  • Integral Debate

In addition, I have companion projects that can be found at

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Mapper