Our Institutions Need to Grow Up

It doesn’t take more than a few minutes of browsing through today’s top stories to realize human conflict issues as so very prominent, and so very ugly. Within political parties…and between them. Within countries…and between them. On a small scale… and a global scale.

Let’s face it.

Our most elite education, corporate, and government institutions simply lack viable, mature approaches to handling conflict. We seem to have little clue what to do to truly overcome conflict — except through contradictory efforts of either threatening or engaging in even more conflict.

A passing glance at the current state of the world is enough to validate this conclusion. It’s far easier for us to conceive of launching a series of missiles with pinpoint accuracy to kill a person 10,000 miles away than it is for us to sit down and have a mature, fruitful dialog with him.

And..if those missiles were WMD, it could very well be game over for civilization… a very likely scenario in the next few decades…or less.

We don’t realize how very close to the precipice we really are.

Contrary to our efforts, the answer seems clearly not to simply to accumulate more and more data, might, resources, wealth, comfort or prosperity. Though we pursue aspirations for “more” with such fervor, acquiring these haven’t demonstrated themselves as viable answers to conflict or its corresponding suffering. In fact, the unrelenting pursuit of anything seems to inevitably precipitate further conflict, directly or indirectly.

What can help?

I do believe the answer transcends most areas we consider advancement. It comes from tuning into our simple capacity as human beings to feel — feel what each other are feeling, and feeling a connection to the Truth within all of us. Feel…though with clarity and without reactivity.

Not an easy answer… but it starts with a commitment to do so.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Mapper

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