Leonardo da Vinci’s Inspiring Resume


(click on link to Business Insider to read his resume)

Leonardo da Vinci has arguably the most inspiring resume I’ve ever seen.

Why do I feel so?

The reason is, he thoroughly, eloquently expresses the value he provides. And that’s it.

The standard modern resume focuses on degrees, past achievements, years of experience, job titles we had, and tools we worked with. Dead facts. It tries to measure our past career up to an arbitrary qualification, rather than the actual value we can provide.

Beautiful insights we learned? Experiments we dare? Creative ideas we share? Mindset we honed? Unique gifts we bring? Not to be found in the standard resume.

So let’s really reflect for a minute…why are we hiring someone?

We hire someone because they, as a human being, have unique value to offer us.

Leonardo’s resume expounds on his value in no uncertain terms. He triggers our intrigue, curiosity, wonder, and excitement. His resume is alive. Whether some of his ideas were impractical or fantastical isn’t the point. His mind is ticking, his heart is beating and he is fully breathing. Like the sun shining, no one would miss his radiance. Only the blinded would doubt his potential.

The standard resume simply doesn’t do this. All it does is paint lipstick on the corpse of our past. It is devoid of life, devoid of potential, devoid of humanity.

It is time we let the standard modern resume rest in peace.

Our organization’s DNA is deeply inspired by Leonardo da Vinci. We hope to bring human potential to the forefront in all your business relationships. If we, along with our partners, can help you uncover the unique value in your candidates, employees, or partners, please be in touch with us. We’d be happy to help.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Mapper


(thx Umesh for pointing me towards Leonardo’s resume.)

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