Snap Judgments Block Our Clarity

“Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”

John 8:7 — words of Jesus Christ

Various wisdom traditions point to judgment of our fellow man or woman as the greatest impediment to Truth.

On the same token, we still judge each other…sometimes unabashedly, sometimes unrelentingly.

When we judge another person or group of people, what happens? What actually happens?

  • Our ability to consider/empathize shuts down.
  • Our ability to listen shuts down.
  • Our ability to learn/evolve shuts down.
  • Out ability to see the big picture shuts down.
  • Our attention moves from our own shortcomings to theirs.

Judgment means we shut down our connection with another and the Higher Truth within us.

What’s blocked?

  • Context of the big picture
  • Journey of another human being
  • The actual inner experiences they have to share
  • Knowledge that they might have to offer
  • Opportunity to inform and illumine us

In other words, we block out a perspective…and our soul’s opportunity to learn from another point-of-view. The greatest gift another is offering us, directly or indirectly, is lost.

Why do we make snap judgments?

  • Our work/social environment pushes us for hasty decisions.
  • We relish the false sense of clarity.
  • We relish the false sense of superiority.
  • We relish the false sense of understanding someone.
  • We relish the outrage we feel.
  • We don’t want to think / feel any further…and we feel this helps.

All of judgment diverts our attention from where it should be — what we need to work on to open our own heart and mind.

True understanding is continuously open. True understanding is empathetic. True understanding tunes into goodness. True understanding embraces context and connection. True understanding bucks the temptation to judge, continuously cultivating pause, poise, reflection, and growth.

Judgment is simply the antithesis of human understanding.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Mapper


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