It Takes One to Know One

I used to think that there’s a difference between ‘my perspective’ and ‘their perspective’. More and more I realize how arbitrary and meaningless this distinction is.

I more and more see that their exists just perspectives…and their transcendence. Nothing else. There is no distinction between my perspective and someone else’s at the fundamental level. They might seem different…but ultimately there is no ownership to them. They are simply perspectives.

When we’re really observant…for me decades of self-reflection and meditation — we might actually notice that whatever we are reacting to in others is actually some reflection of our own perspective, on a deeper level.

If we’re agitated by someone’s perspective, it’s a reaction based on a lack of maturity of our own perspective…if we’re endeared on inspired by someone’s perspective, it’s a response of our own perspective…or simply put, taking out the middle layer, someone else’s perspective is for all practical purposes, just as well our perspective.

It can’t be any other way.


That’s a very, very difficult pill to swallow…and though I believe many of us accept “it takes one to know one” on some level, very few of us completely soak in the premise.

Whether you partially agree or completely agree, does not matter. What is clear is that even within the worst of humanity, and best of humanity, is a morsel of ourselves. And transcending the worst or pushing the best of humanity involves, at least to some tiny degree, working out the reactions within our own consciousness.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Mapper

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