Starting Again

After branching off for the last year on a variety of satellite projects, Perspective Mapper is coming back!

We can call it version 2, or version 15…however we want to look at it…for what I consider my work of cultivating a deeper perspective of who we fundamentally are. You can find the earlier version of the site at ““.

This past year, my own self-reflection process has continued unabated. Joy is deeper… inner gravity is stronger…mind is clearer…and feeling a greater sense of unconditional happiness and inner clarity.

As a viable business, this work is still finding its footing, and as a human being, I’m certainly still quite challenged.. but yet, even after numerous attempts to build such a platform (check my post on previous iterations), my faith in my own work is paradoxically stronger than ever. The importance of our commitment to what’s in us to express has become even clearer.

Certain forces in our world might have us to feel we should deny our idealism when things don’t work, or when we err, and that eventually, simply, we should acquiesce and adopt the broken ‘practical’ standards that the world has given us to follow. However, I’ve realized that falling flat over numerous attempts doesn’t have to make us disheartened, desolated or drop our ideals…not at all.

I find if we’re really tuned in on the inside, and are genuinely taking steps to cultivate qualities such as selflessness, self-reflection, forgiveness, love, and understanding, in more and more aspects of our life, we never need to get disheartened no matter what happens or what mistakes we’ve make. We can and should embrace our idealism without guilt, without hesitation. We can continue each step with greater and greater consolation…no matter how things work out.

That said, a lot of my joy comes from letting go of non-core aspirations and ambitions. I’m alowing the work to take whatever shape it needs to. And letting go of lesser details, including what it needs to look like, brings tremendous solace, as long as we are firmly anchored on the inside to what’s essential.. Each moment.

These coming years we as a world will have to thoroughly cultivate a broad, more honest perspective of who we are. I believe its no longer an option. Our survival as a planet, our ability to define our value to the world, and finding true salvation in our life, all depend on this. I’m here to play my small part.

Look forward to sharing this journey with all of you.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Mapper

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