Healthy vs. Toxic Influences

We have thousands of influences in our modern life, in the form of mentors, friends, colleagues, family members, and teachers. How do we tease them apart to know which ones are actually good for us, and which ones are not?

And how do we do our best to be healthy influences for others?

We have to go a bit deeper to uncover. But the distinction is crystal clear…if we are ready to honestly face the truth.

Healthy influences are ones where the other has faith in us the deepest level. They are in-tune with our core, feel our core, and strengthen our connection to our own core. They might seem disagreeable, stern or distant, or gentle, inviting and playful. That’s not the point. If they truly believe in us (and not just because they tell us they do), they are healthy influences.

Toxic influences are ones where the other does not have faith in us at the deepest level. They are not in-tune with our core, do not feel our core, and weaken our connection to core. They might be rude, ignorant, or arrogant. Or they might seem to be helpful, fun and soothing. Doesn’t matter. If they don’t actually believe in us, they are toxic influences.

Mind you, toxic influences are not necessarily bad people. They are simply human, with a mix of healthy and toxic. Also, we must be cognizant it goes both ways. We ourselves provide a mix of healthy and toxic influences to those around us.

In addition, there is a whole study of what that means ‘believe in someone’. That’s another discussion. For now trust your intuition what this means, reflecting a bit on what is actually in each of us at the core…

All that said however, we should never be confused what is and isn’t healthy and what is and isn’t toxic. We might get pressured to perceive toxic as healthy, or might through impulse perceive healthy as toxic. But with slight pause, the distinction between both becomes absolutely clear. Conscious relationship is shaping our environment, and choosing our influences, with the razor sharp distinction of what influences to soak in, and what influences to leave aside.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Mapper

3 thoughts on “Healthy vs. Toxic Influences”

  1. Someone cannot say they are trustworthy. They need to backup with actions. Actions not words.

    Three types of people
    1. They dont care if someone believes in them as they trust themselves strongly.
    2. They ask why other person don’t believe them…realty check. Take steps to build trust.
    3. They hang on to people who believe in them and repel those who don’t.

    Belief changes

    1. Thanks Prithi. Am with you. I think all three are types of people we find…each with a unique lesson for us.

      We discussed later about distinction between ‘believing someone’ and ‘believing in someone’. I feel we should always ‘believe in someone’, to our capacity. However, we should, as you shared, be judicious about simply ‘believing someone’. What people think, say, feel, and do are often not matched…even though we all might share the same common Goodness at our core.

  2. I’d like to share a few words I live by. Two laws I have implemented with every meaningful connection in my life. The credit goes to Southwestern Advantage Family of Companies, and the law is this: “I will never ask you to do something I am not willing to do myself “ & “I will always believe in you. Even if you do not believe in yourself”.

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