False Power, True Power

We are so focused on demonstrating our power on the outside, so little focused on realizing the power on the inside. Why is that? Why do we give so little weight to power within? Do we not realize the source of all challenges…and all our solutions…lies within us? Do not we realize by being able to shift our perspective, we shift our reality?

We don’t. If we realized the power within us to directly shape how we experience our lives, our economic system of inflated needs and wants would very well grind to a halt. And that is scary. So we perpetuate the illusion that we need something on the outside to be just right before we can tap into that power within. And this external creation will always fall short of giving us true power…by definition…for the simple reason that it can never be truly dependable or permanent for us.

The external objects we give value to — money, status, authority, possessions — can never give us real power. They can give us a sense of power, sure. And they can certainly beguile our perceptions, having us and others believe we have power through them. But true power exists within us, and is accessible within us, at all times. One might even define true power as what cannot be taken away from us. Thus, the inner journey is not about relinquishing our power but us tuning into the source of ultimate power.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Mapper

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