Collective Suffering

I conducted an online survey to inquire what types of suffering people experience in their lives.

Here are a sampling of results.

Visitors: Feel free to share one of your own sufferings in the comments (anonymous if desired, it goes without saying).

  1. Hey, I am studying in a Engineering college. People tend to think that life in engineering colleges are good one but I would like to tell them something- Imagine your day starting with a class that you don’t wanna attend but have to attend due to attendence compulsion and going through this kind of classes all day. Would you call it a good life?
    – Harry
  2. My deep suffering in my life till this time is the death of my mother and father. My father gave courage to face anything in life courageously and my mother also gave support to face problems patiently. My mother was died 4 months ago and following her death, after 15 days my father was also died of Heart attack, and that was a shocking incident in my life.
    – Anonymous
  3. When we knew that our mother commits adultery.And she left us without saying nothing.
    – Anonymous
  4. Last year December I had an operation in my Ovary. Due to that child formation is very less. March 2011 was marriage over. Now trying for baby but it not at all forming. Everyone asking about baby now.
    – Jana
  5. My grandpa was murdered for money last year it was a dreadful thing happened to us, we miss him much.
    – Rockson (Christian)
  6. I have an accident and broke my two legs and my right hand. Also my dog died… This was before 2 years. And I am still not recovered.
    – Taci (Christian)
  7. As a teenager, I took care of my aunt who needed help after a leg amputation due to cancer. We didn’t realize how quickly her cancer was returning and spreading, and she lost her battle. I was there and saw all of her suffering, from deep, open bed sores, to vomiting black bile as she slipped away. I miss her.
  8. When i didnt do my 12th grade physics well i felt like deserted i thought my life is over i can’t explain it in words… because that marks meant a lot to me to get in to a reputed government institution… i felt that day as one of my worst days in my life…. i was crying for about 3 hours continuosly but my family members supported me a lot to come out of it…. but the result was surprisingly good… if it wasn’t the case my life would have been in different scenario… now i am happy that i made it
    – Dees (Hindu)
  9. I remember the time I was unemployed for a long time because of a medical condition. My finances, pride, and body suffered greatly.
    – Anonymous


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