Bringing Philosophy to Education

Education, as its taught in colleges and universities, is out of touch with what really matters. Much of what we learn is abstract facts, skills or knowledge, disconnected from the exploration, let alone understanding, of the underlying purpose and principles of how what we’re learning actually translates to becoming a better human being.

To learn about engineering, math, or science, or to master the art of reading, writing, and speaking, without a correlating exploration of the significance of it all — it’s plain meaningless.

Who are we? What’s our place in all of this? What’s the purpose of being here on the planet? Where are we going?

No, these aren’t easy questions to answer, let alone ponder…but without a desire to investigate these questions, we’re simply bound to go off-course. What’s the advantage of a hypersonic aircraft if we have no clue of our bearings? What’s the advantage of artificial intelligence algorithms if we don’t understand what human betterment actually is about? We are so technologically interconnected, yet feel so emotionally and socially disconnected.

Self-understanding is at the heart of the key questions we need to be asking ourselves. Otherwise, we’ll continue to hyperdevelop in so many areas, while be grossly underdeveloped in other areas. This lopsided development towards knowledge without corresponding wisdom is bound to lead to self-destruction.

Ancient educational institutions in India focused on self-understanding first and foremost. The purpose of education was to understand who we are at the deepest level. Everything else was supplementary. Modern education has been very much the opposite. We focus on understanding everything except who we are.

What I hope to continue to explore on this site are resources that can lead to a balanced, meaningful, holistic approach to education . An approach that is sustainable, meaningful, enriching, empowering, and impactful in the most positive sense.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Mapper