Conflict exists on our planet at a level that threatens the survival of the human species. Quoting a previous Nobel Peace Prize Winner, we are simply “one tiny tantrum away from World War 3”.

Yet, despite the ominous state we are all in, we do have the capacity, more than ever, to see the big picture and work out our conflicts I do believe each one of us, with out unique perspective, plays a critical role in this process.


The premise of this work is that to resolve conflict around us, each one of us needs to work out the conflict within us. In other words, we need to be able to appreciate the highest perspective possible. Thus, the purpose of this site is to provide a resource to reconcile universal conflicts we face and see conflict from the highest vantage point possible.

We believe the solution, more than anything, lies in our ability to broaden our perspective. Our ultimate aim is to demonstrate that, despite our differences, each human being stands on common ground, common Mind, and common Truth.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Analyst