5 Mini-Lessons so far in 2019

It’s been a fun ride so far in 2019. Certainly I feel so much clearer and even wiser just in these last 45 days.

Here are 5 bite-size lessons I received this year. I do hope you enjoy! Some of them actually turn our conventional notions upside down.

Agree, or not…that’s fine. But do consider the following….

  • REAL DUE-DILIGENCE. A minute spent working on unrelated projects is a minute taken away from relevant projects. We must all pay our dues in life. There’s no way around it. However, those dues should be aligned with our goals. If not, we are programming ourselves to not be ourselves…a fool’s journey. And I’ve certainly been a fool many times.
  • MASLOW’S PYRAMID IS UPSIDE DOWN. The pervasive myth is that if our outer is worked out, the inner takes care of itself. But is that really true? Certainly not in my years of experience or observation. I actually see the opposite. To the degree we are sorted on the inside is the degree the outer sorts itself out. That’s what people call the Law or Attraction, Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, or manifesting our intentions. Which requires flipping the highly venerated pyramid on its head.
  • RESPECT -> RELATIONSHIP -> TRUTH. Without respect, there’s no relationship. Simple as that. And, without respect, there’s no truth. Also simple as that. Real Truth strengthens. False Truth weakens. Real relationships strengthen. False relationships weaken.
  • DISMISSING DISRESPECTFUL VIEWS. We preserve our confidence and maintain our clarity to the degree we outright dismiss disrespectful words or sentiments, rather than mulling over them or considering them seriously. Does this premise of disregarding certain perspectives go against Perspective Mapper’s fundamental tenets, which have been to consider all points-of-view? Well, yeah it actually does! So I’m actually revising our fundamental tenets for 2019. I now believe if a perspective lacks basic human respect, then it isn’t worthy of consideration. Such perspective is coming from shaky foundation to begin with. Truth only exists from within the context of respect, not outside it.
  • THE HIGH-ROAD — NOT THE ANSWER. We’ve been taught in a conflict to be “the better man” than our adversary. I now see such an approach as self-sabotage and pretentiousness. When we take the high-road in conflict, we assume we can be better than the person we are engaged with. And we assume we can step aside when the other person can’t. No…we’re kidding ourselves. In a conflict, we are at the point of intersection between divergent perspectives. In a conflict, both sides are equally embroiled…by definition. And the ideal course of action is to stay true to what our deepest Self is telling us will best resolve the conflict, whatever action we end up taking…without pretending to be more noble, wiser or better than who we have conflict with. A subtle distinction at times…but an essential one.

Meaningful insights end up contradicting long-held assumption we might have carried with us. They don’t rely on cliches or platitudes but rather tune into the amazing process of self-reflection within us….a process that eventually will turn every cherished belief we have inside out.

I believe the insights I shared above are meaningful. I hope you agree.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Mapper

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  1. Ravi Mahadevan Subramanian

    Bottom line .. being true to oneself and being brutally honest with oneself is the best thing that can happen to one self.
    One can’t get a clearer perspective than that. You sort yourself first than the world can get sorted itself.


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